Sunday, January 23, 2011

My PhD Defence.


  1. Congratulations!! For successfully completing the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

  2. Congrats Shiva!
    I found we have a common friend..Satish..currently in Emory Univ. Atlanta

  3. Congrats Doctor!!
    How was it that you chose Japan for pursuing your PhD? 'Traditionally', the US and Europe seem to be the choice. Not sure if it is the language issue.


    1. Just applied and a Professor who was working in very interesting area of research called me and I flied there. That's it Sir. In fact Japan is doing much better in Applied science than US or Europe.....

  4. cong8s sir... ur blog is indeed an inspiration...

  5. Congrates Doctor Gururaj..

    Indeed nice work and nice presentation slides...thoroughly enjoyed and understood...and thanks for sharing...your work is with a theme and giving new inputs in the field.....this is the advantage of doing phd out of India...

    Harish Holla
    Research Fellow
    Eskitits Institute of Cell & Molecular Therapies,

  6. Congratulations!! For successfully completing the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

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