Monday, August 6, 2012

My Oral Presentation At JCS Spring Meeting-2012.

Following is my "Oral presentation"presented at 92nd Annual Spring Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan held at Yokohama, Japan. The work is concerned with study of influence of anchoring groups on the photo-sensitization behavior of unsymmetrical squaraine class of dyes.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Collection Of Organic Chemistry Video Lectures.

Following are series of "Video Lectures", by Prof. James Nowick (University of California, Irvine), Prof. Peter Volhardt (University of California, Berkeley), Prof. Hardinger (University of California, Los Angeles) and Prof. Greg Cook (North Dakota State University) covering fundamental aspects of organic chemistry, reactions, theory and applications of organic spectroscopy techniques (IR, MS and NMR). There are also some lab demonstration videos on common organic chemistry experimental techniques like reaction monitoring, work-up, isolation and purification of organic compounds from MIT, Cambridge.

By clicking on following links one can see the list of videos uploaded on You-tube.

  1. Fundamental organic chemistry lectures by Prof. James Nowick (UC, Irvine).
  2. Lectures on organic spectroscopy by Prof. James Nowick (UV, Irvine).
  3. Organic chemistry video lectures by Prof. Peter Vollhardt (UC, Berkeley).
  4. Organic reactions and pharmaceuticals lectures by Professor Hardinger (UCLA).
  5. Organic chemistry video lectures by Prof. Gregory Cook (NDSU).
  6. Organic chemistry laboratory techniques videos (MIT, Cambridge).