Monday, August 6, 2012

My Oral Presentation At JCS Spring Meeting-2012.

Following is my "Oral presentation"presented at 92nd Annual Spring Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan held at Yokohama, Japan. The work is concerned with study of influence of anchoring groups on the photo-sensitization behavior of unsymmetrical squaraine class of dyes.



  1. Thanks for your site, I love how you have been so loyal to the genre.
    Oral Presentation

    1. Thank you Claudia,

      This is just an effort to share ones experience with his/her juniors who are on same track....:-)

  2. Nice presentation sir.your slides demonstrating the fact that you have put in great efforts in this field. Actually,I am very passionate at photo volatics and am pursuing my doctrol studies in relation to the topic. My future ambition is to take the dye-sensitized solar cells to the level of commercial industries.And, last but mot least ,your blog really fueling enthusiasm at chemistry in myself.
    Hats-off to you sir.

    Best Regards,

    Rajesh pudi
    Doctrol student
    Department of chemical scienes
    University of Rome"tor vergata"

  3. I am very passionate at image volatics and am looking for my doctrol analysis in regards to the topic. My future ambitions is to take the dye-sensitized residential solar sections to the stage of expert areas. One of the best presentation I have ever seen clear and concise

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