Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To Write A Scientific Paper

Disseminating new information to the scientific world by publishing your results in scientific journals is one of the main aspect of scientific process. It is a communication process of contributing ones results to the knowledge pool. Writing such a scientific paper is an art, which needs certain training, following some rules etc to make a story of results obtained to tell the overall theme of novelty to the scientific community.
I was searching for some tips or guidelines which could help to learn how to write a scientific paper and fortunately, found some of following interesting web links. I am not saying there are the perfect tips, but these of some of interesting stuffs with many interesting guidelines given there for young researchers to learn this skill of writing. I hope these are going to be useful for many students and researchers. 

Apart from that, one can watch some of following video demonstrations on writing good quality research papers. 

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